Deal Or No Deal Whats in your Box Scratchcard - Player Instructions


Deal or No Deal is a multi-game scratchcard with an additional Blue Box Bonus triggered in game 3. The Blue Box Bonus has 4 exciting features including 'Mystery Cash Win', 'Free Games', 'Deal or No Deal' as well as 'Jackpot King'!

Step 1: Getting Started

Step 2: How To Play

Deal Or No Deal Bonus

Revealing the Deal Or No Deal Bonus during the Blue Box Bonus awards the Deal Or No Deal Bonus.

After a short screen transition the player will be presented with the Deal Or No Deal Studio.

Choose your lucky box then play a real game of Deal or No Deal against our banker. At the end of every round he will make you an offer and it is up to you to Deal or No Deal. Play until the end and the Banker may offer you a swap. Is it worth the gamble for the chance to win big?

Jackpot King Deluxe Pot System

  • Applicable date from: 14/08/2018